The Road to ESNS – discover all background stories

As Europe’s first borderless generation, everyone at Are We Europe believes that emerging European talent deserves more attention. That’s why they partnered up with ESNS and created stories around the twelve European artists whose success has traveled beyond their own national borders and therefore won the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards. By bringing this talent together on one platform, they celebrate Europe’s diversity and musical talent at a European level. Read all the background stories at

Photo by Fabian Stroobants

“We talk about our perception of the world and our own lives. We hope our audience can relate to that.”

“I am really happy that I grew up in the Austrian countryside. The quietness in the nature and all the freedom I have inspires me a lot and has a huge impact on my music.”

Albin Lee Meldau
He lives with his emotions on top of his skin. “Hopefully that comes across through the music.”

‘’The prize connects different European artists. It overcomes unnecessary boundaries and allows an exchange of information and cultures.’’

Bishop Briggs
‘’Perhaps being an outsider in ‘national culture’ means it’s easier to resort to being the outsider in the local pop culture too?’’

‘’There are so many women and girls taking up a space that they didn’t before. Young girls are coming out. I think it’s partly because of us, because we decided to take that space.’’

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