Chart Analysis: Rising up the charts on the beat of a drum

No matter what country you come from, the disco beat will bring you higher…

That much is true for the two highest risers this month in the Music Moves Europe Artist Chart. This cumulative monthly chart based on the weekly Music Moves Europe Talent Charts shows that the current number one position in the latter chart helps Italian dance producers Meduza rise massively from #43 to #17. Their smash hit Piece Of Your Heart featuring Goodboys (Universal) is active in almost entire Europe, except for France and Spain. April was also a great month for Lithuanian dance producer Gaullin, gaining 5 notches at #19 with Moonlight (Sony), conquering territories from the East.

The top 10 remains about the same this month, with three acts who embrace the beats still in the top 3: British-American dance-pop production duo Silk City at #1, British dance producer James Hype at #2, and the dance remixed Spanish act El Profesor at #3.

Elsewhere, we see movers and shakers in other genres as well. Irish punk rockers Fontaines D.C. rise to #25, helped by the release of their debut album Dogrel (Partisan/PIAS). Belgian funk pop singer Charlotte Adigéry climbs to #30 thanks to airplay on several tracks of her debut EP Zandoli (DeeWee/PIAS). And German rapper Mero has a big hit in the German-speaking countries with Wolke 10 (Groove Attack Trax), and he is up to #40 this month.

A little spotlight now for Swedish pop singer Kiddo, rising quickly to #39. She has written songs for artists like Icona Pop, Dagny and Alan Walker. On her own, she first had success internationally with the song Drunk And I Miss You, who she made with Swedish production duo Decco, who also climbs this month to #54. Kiddo’s new poppy reggae sounding single Coming Down (both Four Music) is another hit for her in Germany and Switzerland. It features singer Gashi, who is a real world traveller, being African born, Brooklyn raised, and having parents hailing from Kosovo.

This month we welcome five new acts in the top 100. Highest of them is British poetic rapper Pinty, who reminds older listeners of British rap act The Streets. In Poland and Lithuania his track Nightcrawler (Rhythm Section International) is played. More British success at #75 for Leeds dance producers Prospa, who put a bit of acid in their track Prayer (Universal).

Pop singer Mathea, in at #78, comes from Austria and sings 2X (Earcandy), which crosses over to Germany. And at #92 we find British singer Joesef rushing in thanks to his single Limbo (Bold Cut). This lo-fi neo-soul track has fans in Belgium, Switzerland, Montenegro and Slovakia. Finally, at #98 we welcome, for the first time, an entry from Ukraine: Kazka with Cry (Mamamusic). Their pop with folk elements is understood in the Balkan countries, now their song is translated into English.

Menno Visser
Music journalist and radio professional from The Netherlands