Julia Gudzent

Festival Programmer Melt!

Jury member from Germany

For years, Julia Gudzent worked as a German tour promoter for artists such as The 1975, Matthew Herbert, Years & Years, Robyn and many more. Within Melt Booking, she built up several event series, plus she also promoted the first and only concert series to be held at the infamous Berlin Berghain. Nowadays she works as a festival programmer for Melt Festival, Body & Soul Festival, Untold Festival, Neversea Festival, and Lollapalooza Berlin.

To get to know Julia a bit better, we asked her a couple of questions about European music business and the opportunities for new talent.

What are the chances for new artists today?
Anyone can make it nowadays, no matter where you come from. But the business turns around much quicker than it used to, so you have to deliver quickly to stay afloat. Just be yourself and don’t try to be someone you’re not. Don’t try to make it happen for you, but just stick to your music and try to make the best of it. Hire someone to do all the rest, it’s not your business to sell yourself.

How does your taste in music affect your jury decision?
My personal favorite music genres are Indie, Punkrock and Pop, but my personal taste does not have anything to do with my jury decision. I book festivals which completely do not fit my personal taste, and often have to put my business interest above it. I listen to music differently when I listen to it professionally.

What advice would you give to new artists?
The tip I have for emerging artists is that festivals do not work for you, you work for them. Consider this your job and it comes with responsibilities such as giving interviews. Always be kind to the people who work for you, because you will always meet them at least twice.