Bjørn Pfarr

Alternate Director / Head of Music Programme Reeperbahn Festival

Vice-Chairman of the Jury

“The number of highly talented acts in Europe is unbelievable. There can’t be enough support in various ways to make the world aware of these great artists!”

Bjørn Pfarr / Vice-Chairman of the Jury (without a vote)

Bjørn Pfarr is head of music programme and alternate director of Hamburg-based Reeperbahn Festival. Before obtaining his Master’s degree in cultural studies at the University of Lüneburg, Pfarr did an apprenticeship in an event and promotion agency and worked as project manager. After finishing his studies he joined Reeperbahn Festival for its inauguration in 2006. Since 2008 he heads the music programme of Reeperbahn Festival. Bjørn Pfarr lives and works in Hamburg.